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Sliding Nippers

Sliding Air Nippers Horizontal- Type AIR NIPPERS
  • Vessel’s patented. V-groove slide base ensures constant stable positioning. The unit is not subject to inclined loads and has achieved high precision gate cutting performance.
Double Action Sliding Air Nippers
  • The springless slide construction and a main unit ensures smooth movement and a V groove slide base has been employed for high precision positioning.
Type-F Air Nippers
  • These compact. lightweight nippers have been designed for easy mounting inside equipment and to enable secure mounting under high ensity mounting conditions.
Slide-Off Air Nippers Vertical - type
  • Blade  gape  is  adjustable,  and fine adjustments are to make after  mounting  the  nippers, ensuring  clean,  unblemished cut surfaces.

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  Slide-Off Air Nippers Vertical - type Blade gape is adjustable, and fine adjustments are to make after mounting the nippers, ensuring clean, unblemished cut surfaces

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